For 2011 LATITUDE improved the bar to be the ultimate bar available in the market in terms of simplicity, user friendly, safety & comfort.

The depower system in now equipped with one way cleat which makes the depowering of the kite easier & faster then before. The “Mickey mouse” swivel will keep the lines tangle free no matter how many loops you will make. Pro anti water grip with ergonomic grip which will keep your hands on the bar on the hardest unhooked tricks, will no make any blisters & much more.

The bar is eventually what the rider feels in his hands. The 2011 Latitude bar is designed to give every rider the safest and most comfortable ride with maximum control over the kite. Designed with ultimate one size bar – 43cm in length.



Technical Specs

    • Stiff chicken loop:
      The CL is build with internal reinforcement to keep its shape under high loads. The diameters of the CL is optimized for both freeride stylers & unhook freestyle riders.
    • Removable safety tube:
      this tube is designed to be in the exact stiffness & length to keep the CL connected to your harness under any conditions.
    • Lift QR:
      as a standard today, the list QR is the safest, most easy to activate QR on the market. Whatever the load will be, this QR works with almost no strength to activation.
    • Cleat depower system:
      depowering the kite in now easier then ever. Pulling the line & locking it immediately at any power takes less then a second.
    • Handle pass leash:
      this handle pass leash keeps the kite connected to the rider after releasing the kite in unhooked situations. It is build from smooth thick neoprene with elastic webbing inside for maximum comfort in use.
    • Silicone ending protectors:
      keeping the hands safe from bumps from the tips of the bar, the silicone ending protectors ensures smooth & soft tip while riding.
    • Elastic loop line holders:
      these line holders keep the lines in the exact position after folding them on the bar thus ensuring fast & smooth tangle free release of the lines for the next ride.
    • Active stopper:
      this stopper designed to be released by pushing the bar upwards. Activating it will significantly increase the kite power as needed in low end winds & power based tricks such as deadman.
    • “O shit” – self landing handles:
      these handles are designed to allow a rider to self land the kite or release its power in unhooked situation.
    • Long bar floats:
      the floats are 27cm in length. This size is optimized for the floating of the bar, protecting the rider hands from the leader lines in the bar area & reaching the O-shit handles. Varies from IKO kite
    • “Mickey mouse” swivel:
      this swivel is checked to prevent line twists no matter hoe many loop you will make with your kite or with your body. It is designed to work with minimum friction on the swivel part & with the moment of the 2 front lines connected to it, it keeps the lines tangle free.
    • HP leash:
      all Latitude bars are equipped as a default with HP leash. Thick for maximum protection & provided with QR for maximum safety. For Kitesurfing Thailand this is very important feature.

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